Successful commercialisation of research projects - How to convert research into commercial success story?

The overall aim of this study was to retrace the pathways and analyze the impact factors of successful commercialization of EU-funded R&D projects in industrial technologies. To this end, the research team analysed more than 40 cases of commercialisation processes based on projects funded by former European Framework Programmes. As the reality of organisations and individuals creating positive effects for themselves based on research outcome turned out to be rather complex and multifarious, it became evident that the term ‘commercialisation’ was no longer appropriate. Since commercialisation is often understood as the direct, immediate conversion of research into economic success the research team switched to the concept of (successful) market-oriented exploitation. In general, there is an immense variety of forms of positive economic effects based on research outcome and an equally large variety of (path-) ways to get there.
The study aimed to shed light on the question of how to best fund research projects in the Nanoscience, Nanotechnologies, New Materials and Production Processes (NMP) area to promote and improve the exploitation of results. The report provides recommendations on how to increase the innovation output in the Seventh Framework Programme project cycle and in the future Horizon 2020 Programme and in particular, how to foster innovation at all the stages of the project cycle, expand the exploitation side of projects, and improve the entrepreneurial strategies and capacities of Project Partners.
The focus of this final publication is on innovation management for key enabling technologies projects and it aims at providing to researchers a better understanding of the innovation process.
More information is on the Industrial Technology Innovation Platform
The Innovation Platform is an instrument created for the EC-funded projects of theIndustrial Technologies Programme (Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials andNew Production Technologies).

6 January 2014

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