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ICT Proposers' Day 2017

ICT Proposers' Day 2017 will take place on 9 and 10 November in Budapest, Hungary. This networking event centres on European ICT Research & Innovation with a special focus on the Horizon 2020 Work Programme for 2018-20.


To register, create or update your existing personal profile on "My event". To make the most of the ICT Proposers' Day 2017, you will be able to add your project ideas and upload presentations, prepare for networking and/or join various sessions via "My Event".

Once you have registered for the event, check the Practical Information section for more details on how to get to Budapest and accommodation.
The programme will include:
Networking and Information sessions
Networking sessions will be organised according to the pillars and topics of the Horizon 2020 Work Programme for 2018-20. They will include an introduction of upcoming Horizon 2020 calls, and presentations of projects ideas by potential proposers. You find a more detailed description and schedule for each session on the programme page.
Information sessions are designed to assist participants on how to prepare and submit a proposal to answer a Horizon 2020 call. Presentations will touch upon intellectual property rights (IPR), better access to finance, SME Instrument and more.

Information stands and meeting points
Booths will be at your disposal to present the ICT-related topics of the Work Programme 2018-20 and the content of the next calls for proposals, and will serve as meeting points to facilitate interactions between people interested in the same research topics. A European Commission information desk will supply general information on the content and logistics of the event.

Informal and side networking sessions
Informal networking and bilateral meetings between participants will be supported by networking and face to face areas, and the lounge area.

Online networking platform
You can start looking for project partners ahead of November by checking the list of participants, introduce yourself as a possible partner, exchange project ideas, upload a presentation to give at the event, or comment on the Work Programme priorities. You can also read the list of topics to find project partners and ideas in the areas of your interest.

Face2Face Brokerage
During the Face2Face Brokerage event, run by Ideal-Ist, participants can meet potential partners in pre-arranged face to face meetings. The event requires separate registration, to be done within your event account. You can book your meetings from 16 October.
Ideal-Ist, in addition, organizes workshops focussing on cascading grants, contractual Public Private Partnerships and the impact of Horizon 2020 projects.

Agency of European Innovation will participate at the event.
We are interested in cooperetaion within the following topics:
SwafS-01-2018-2019: Open schooling and collaboration on science education
SwafS-02-2018: Innovative methods for teaching ethics and research integrity
SwafS-04-2018: Encouraging the re-use of research data generated by publically funded research projects
SwafS-19-2018-2019: Taking stock and re-examining the role of science communication
SwafS-20-2018-2019: Building the SwafS knowledge base

Health, demographic change and wellbeing
SC1-DTH-03-2018: Adaptive smart working and living environments supporting active and healthy ageing
SC1-DTH-08-2018: Prototyping a European interoperable Electronic Health Record (EHR) exchange
SC1-DTH-11-2019: Large Scale pilots of personalised & outcome based integrated care
SC1-HCC-04-2018: Digital health and care services – support for strategy and (early) adoption
SC1-HCC-05-2018: Support to a Digital Health and Care Innovation initiative in the context of Digital Single Market strategy
ICT-25-2018-2020: Interactive Technologies
ICT-28-2018: Future Hyper-connected Sociality
ICT-29-2018: A multilingual Next Generation Internet
ICT-30-2019-2020: An empowering, inclusive Next Generation Internet
ICT-32-2018: STARTS – The Arts stimulating innovation
ICT-33-2019: Startup Europe for Growth and Innovation Radar
DT-ICT-06-2018: Coordination and Support Activities for Digital Innovation Hub network
DT-ICT-10-2018-19: Interoperable and smart homes and grids
DT-ICT-12-2020: The smart hospital of the future

Looking forward to future collaboration.

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