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Project "Strengthening the public influence on European integration processes in the field of scientific, technical and innovative development of Ukraine"

Short information about the project
Duration: May 2017 – April  2018

Description of problem. 
Ukraine began EU integration reforms in science and technology. An agreement of association in the program Horizon 2020 and the program COSME was signed. However, the pace of reforms is very slow and Ukraine is losing its scientific and technological potential and does not use all the opportunities of the Association Agreement to accelerate scientific and technological development.
To improve the situation, we should improve the synergy between the actions of government structures through a broader dialogue involving representatives of civil society and experts.

The aim of the project
 – development of the capacity of civil society platform Ukraine-EU in the area of innovative technological development of Ukraine by establishing a multilateral dialogue among the stakeholders on the basis of proposals from public and experts.

Target audience
The project has several target groups, namely:
  • representatives of public authorities at central and regional levels on the practical implementation of European approaches to support innovative scientific and technological development and implementation of the Association Agreement;
  • representatives of specialized environments (especially youth) in universities, research institutes regarding the informing on advisability of more active social position and inclusion in the discussion of the reforms in innovative technological development and use of new opportunities given by the European integration reforms;
  • representatives of business, especially business associations on the prospects for innovation activity as a tool to achieve competitive advantage at the European market and improve their ability in the usage of new tools to support innovation;
  • representatives of civil society on the dissemination of new opportunities for civil society organizations in the implementation of innovative activity in Ukraine and the need of European integration reforms in this area.

Expected results
The main outcome of the project will be a significant growth of potential of the Civil Society Platform based on the formation of mechanism of permanent multilateral dialogues between stakeholders of innovative technological development of Ukraine and ways of internationalization and opening its potential to the world.
Within the project the following will be prepared: 3 analytical monitoring instruments; 4 recommendations and suggestions for stakeholders; 7 roundtables and discussions involving 190 people; 3 information days and workshops with the participation of 145 people; two press conferences; audio-video materials of the project; more than 30 publications in various media.

Chose language of the article : English

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